We are the most complete corporate expense and travel management tool for all type of companies

We generate savings in transfers
Corporate taxis,
loads and couriers.


& Android compatible

Control, real time monitoring and complete detail of all trips of your company.

Automatic reconciliation and fast payment to suppliers.

Corporate Solutions

No more physical vouchers


Setting the payment

day for suppliers

Our intelligent algorithm
will always give you
the cheapest trip

Real-time reports
based on cost centers:

  • Expenses and amount of trips
  • Distance traveled
  • Accumulated waiting hours
  • Deviations between theoretical and real routes
  • And much more.

Automatic allocation

of expenses per cost center

Share cars and get the most

economical provider automatically:

Savings intelligence

We guarantee savings of
up to 30% on trips

Requesting a transfer

  • Selection of passengers that will travel and cost centers

    To charge the cost of the trip.

  • Origin and multiple destinations

    with display of travel, distance and price.

  • Possibility of choosing destinations from addresses saved in favorites

    or suggested thanks to the Google Maps algorithm.

  • We only work with legal

    compliance transfer suppliers.

  • Drop-down list of reasons

    specifying the reason for the trip.


With Shift, you work in any of the following two ways:

    • You can continue using the rates of your current transport providers.

    • You can unify your suppliers with Shift and thus negotiate a single rate.

Competitive advantages

Availability and total
functionality in
any country in the world

High level of customization:

  • Custom user permissions
  • Reports
  • Fields in creation
    of reservations
  • Modification of flow

user manuals
and videos

Easy, fast integration
of systems and without cost
for suppliers
of transfers

with ERPs

A tool that
see each edge.

You can use Shift as a booking management and travel control system through a web and an app. Maximizes the occupation in the routes and expedites the administration of the transport service.

We provide the software for the corporate company, the transportation company, the app for the driver and the app for the passenger. Every transportation company with which we have an agreement are legally constituted to avoid legal problems and higher costs in the event of an accident.

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