It’s time to travel as you deserve

Download Shift on your smartphone and request authorized taxi driver's cars. We provide the system for the company, the taxi and cabs companies, the application for the driver and the application for the passenger.

Shift is incredible, and we explain you why

It’s the most complete travel and expanse management platform. 

Our customers recommend us. 

We show the driver's position on a map

Choose the date and time of your reservation

Choose your favorite destinations

Share your trip on WhatsApp with whom you like

Know the distance and the price before traveling

Pay by cash, credit card or checking account

We send you legal and authorized cars from legally well constituted taxi and cabs companies.

Shift is for you. Because is...

Easy to use

Confirm your location on the map, choose where you are going and approve the order. You can even add multiple destinations!

Real time

Visualize on the map where is the car you asked for in real time.

Your safety is important to us.

With Shift you can see the photo of the driver and the data of the vehicle before getting into the car.

We help you save money.

Download Shift and tell us your opinion.
We want to be the best.

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